Spinning Forward

A Novel by Terri Dulong (2009) Having gained some momentum from my first read, I was preparing to delve further into the world of a bookworm once more. Therefore, while not conscious of it at the time, the title of this novel was aptly named. Time to spin forward and immerse myself into another world. This time finding myself following the journey of Sydney Webster as she settled into Island life off the coast of Florida. After having just read One Red Paperclip I was very much in an entrepreneur mindset and could also identify with the novelty of a … Continue reading Spinning Forward

One Red Paperclip

This book is the first one off the list. I had been struggling to find a book that captivated me enough to persevere and rediscover that “can’t put the book down” feeling that I had lost since my bookworm days as a teenager. I had borrowed a few titles from a nearby library, but they didn’t quite hit the spot and I didn’t get past the first chapter. It had been so long since I had the opportunity to just immerse myself in a book that I wasn’t even sure what genre I would enjoy. I stumbled across One Red … Continue reading One Red Paperclip

Thirty Before Thirty

I’m not sure about you, but I am pretty sure we all have those moments. You know the ones where you stop in your tracks, your mind is so blank that you can almost hear it’s silence. What did you come here for? You had such purpose in your stride and a firm determination as you propelled yourself forward with purpose. Then BAM! Nothing. I had one of these monumental moments recently and it caught me so much by surprise that I ended up laugh crying as I rolled around on the couch in disbelief. How old am I? That’s … Continue reading Thirty Before Thirty

What about a hobby list?

When was the last time you felt truly relaxed. You caught yourself there in the moment of realisation that this is what it’s all about. I mean, if life wasn’t so full of responsibilities and being busy this is where you would find yourself. You made a mental note to return here some day. Was that recently? They say one answer to coping with our stressful modern lifestyle is good old self care. Sometimes it feels like life is an overwhelmingly long never-ending to do list. It stretches all the way from work to home. It follows you wherever you … Continue reading What about a hobby list?